Requirements for Entrance to Nursing School

In recent years there as been a significant increase in people wanting to become a nurse, which¬† naturally leads to competition for entrance into nursing programs; the schools simply can’t educate as many people as are applying to the programs. This increase in nursing applicants over the past couple of years has led to more and more requirements to qualify for nursing school.

Prerequisites for Entrance to Nursing School

It is now standard for every nursing school in the United States to required that every applicant have a background check, have a physical stating that they can do the training and the work without any limitations, and have all vaccines must be up to date. There are extensive tests that must be completed and passed with certain scores. In addition, in order to get into the nursing school one must have already been accepted to the school’s general admissions; meaning that they have passed a CPT, PERT, ACT, or SAT, and have all transcripts and financial aid papers sent in to be fully enrolled within the main college.

Nursing schools often require a vast number of classes to be taken before entrance to nursing school is considered. While the cut-off grade for passing these courses is a C, it is highly recommend that an applicant as received at least a B in all courses due to the competitive nature and large number of applicants. It is also required by every nursing school that you pass a TEAS, the nursing school entrance exam. There is also the option to pursue CNA classes online without GED completion, but this is an exception for nursing and medical assistants, as well as EMTs. Once the courses are completed and the nursing entrance is exam is passed, an individual can begin the application process. Applications can take time and money. Once applications are submitted the applicant may be called in for interviews with the nursing program staff to determine whether or not the applicant will be a proper fit for the program. Upon completion of the interviews the applicant will be notified whether or not they have been accepted to nursing school.

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